Many thanks to all those involved in the making and distribution of this film.

Cast and Crew detail:

Inmate – Liz Car
Ray the Guard – Phillip Harrison

Director of Photography – Chris Tritschler
Camera Assistant – Rory Jackson
Lighting Director – Chris Tritschler
Gaffer – Dave Morgan
Editor – Craig McMullen and Simon Mckeown
Sound Recordist and Sound Designer – Nigel Crooks
Makeup – Mary Anderson
Set and Costume Design – Moira O’Neil
Set Builder – George Strass
CGI – Craig McMullen
Runner – Lee Soar
Casting Director – Nicci Topping
Script Editors - Clive Tonge and Paul A  Darke
Studio Manager – Mark Buschbacher
Colourist – Dan Ocean
Hemin Rasul – Camera Jib assistant


Producer – Paul A Darke
Developement Producer – Michelle Eastwood
Executive Producer – Justin Edgar
Executive Producer – Julia Caithness
Written and Directed by Simon Mckeown