The legendary UK disabled actor and comic Liz Carr stars in a hard-hitting drama The Beaten – a study of the potential despair and abuse faced by disabled people both now and in the future. Set in a single room, Liz’s performance is a tour de force of emotion, vulnerability and empowerment. Written and directed by artist and film-maker Simon Mckeown, ‘The Beaten’ questions society’s attitude to care and domination. Liz Carr says that: ‘The Beaten is a spectacularly dark glimpse into what may be the future for many disabled people. It is an important film by a director who is clearly not afraid to take his audiences to the depths of possibility.’
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The Beaten was supported by the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund and 104 Films with thanks to all those involved. Many thanks also to Teesside University and the School of Computing and its staff, and Dr Paul Darke of the Outside Centre.